Little League Pitch Counts and How an Eversan Scoreboard Can Help.

With the little league and high school baseball season in full swing, youth pitchers are taking the mound world wide with hopes of becoming a future Cy Young award winner. As these adolescent pitchers concentrate on striking out opponents, coaches and parents are concentrating on the number of pitches thrown per game, thanks to the pitch count regulation instituted by Little League Baseball. A study conducted by the American Sports Medicine Institute compared young pitchers who required surgery for arm injuries with healthy adolescent pitchers and found that the injured players who often pitched past the point of fatigue were 36 times more likely to require surgery on their pitching arm. By limiting the number of pitches thrown per game and standardizing the number of days of rest a pitcher must have between outings on the mound, Little League Baseball has taken crucial safety measures to help ensure that young pitchers are staying on the mound and off the surgery table. Learn more about the pitch count rule here.

An Eversan Model 9176 baseball scoreboard with pitch count makes keeping track of pitch counts a breeze! Scoreboards with pitch count displays keep coaches, umpires and parents informed of the number of pitches thrown by each pitcher in the game and help reinforce the importance of the pitch count rule and player safety. Click here to learn more about Eversan baseball scoreboards with pitch count.